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I am a yoga teacher, creativity facilitator, and massage therapist working at the intersection of wellness and social justice. I help people connect with their bodies, themselves and their communities.

Hey, I'm Lou - this is Body Bits


Yoga Classes

Weekly classes for coming back to centre, and connecting to playful embodiment.

Lou Thomas Yoga teacher LGBTQ Pride

1-on-1 Therapeutic Yoga

Specialist 1-on-1 yoga which recognises your complexity and magic

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Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage and bodywork as a tonic for the nervous system

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Afternoon, Day, and Weekend Retreats for a longer form immersion.



Regular events such as Disobedient Bodies, Radical Rest, Embodiying Tarot, and Mindful Life Drawing and Creative Writing,


Training and Events

Find out about trainings, private classes and workshops, and more.

About Lou

Lou Thomas is a queer, neurodivergent, non-binary yoga teacher, arts facilitator, and massage therapist who focuses on therapeutic, inclusive, and trauma-informed wellness, as well as LGBTQIA+ community building. They have a deep love and respect for yoga, and are passionate about placing accessibility at the heart of what they do.

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As someone with chronic fatigue, I really appreciate the way Lou encourages me to move and try things within my own means without judgement, and reassures me it’s not a competition whilst still feeling challenged by the practice. I feel very safe and free to show up as myself in Lou's workshops


The depth and subtlety underpinning Lou's classes and workshops really shine through, making each practice rich and full of learning. They teach in a way that makes me feel supported and guided towards my own instincts. Their LGBTQIA+ yoga has been transformative in helping me reconnect with my body, as well as a welcome opportunity connect to my community and make new friends.


Lou's classes help me to inhabit my body in a way that is intuitive, loving, and gentle. Their playful approach makes even the hardest yoga positions joyful! We read the rule book and then throw it out! Their clear and calming guidance is the tender hand-hold leading me to  safely explore every corner of my body.

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