hiya, i’m lucy – this is body bits.


i’m passionate about yoga as a tool for self care and nourishment, where we can get to know ourselves a little bit better. i wanted to combine that with creating bodily and sexual happiness through creative events and exploring how these things can work together to harvest an accepting and compassionate relationship with our bodies. so this is it... body bits.  

this is the website. here you'll find my weekly yoga classes, which are primarily about exploring and enjoying what are bodies are and what they do, as well as information about
events I am running.

body bits aims to create inclusive spaces, where all identities and bodies are welcome. enjoying
your body in all forms is not reserved for the rich, slim, straight and white. here we are critical of notions of ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ and prioritise what feels good, what feels safe, what feels fun.

welcome to body bits.

lucy is a yoga teacher, an advocate for using breath, movement and stillness to explore sensation, ground us and make us feel a little more at home in our bodies.

she studied sexual dissidence masters at sussex university, where her research focused on embodiment in a digital world as we learn to navigate sex, relationships, dating, disability, and mental health. lucy has run and facilitated many events, often in women and queer only spaces, that creatively and compassionately get us thinking about and connecting with our bodies.

all her work is trauma informed, queer, poc, fat inclusive, as she helps us navigate the shifting, complex and tricky relationship we have with our bodies.