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LGBTQIA+ Community Yoga


A monthly extended yoga class for the LGBTQIA+ community co-taught by Lou and Gabi. This class is an opportunity for us to come together in a safe and inclusive environment, to joyfully move our bodies, take deep, nourishing rest and be in community together. The class is made up of an accessible flow practice and restorative & yoga nidra practice, which Gabi and Lou will alternate teaching. We will conclude by coming together for a group discussion and check in (and maybe some vegan treats!).


This class is body positive, fat inclusive and very queer! We welcome people of all identities and backgrounds, and celebrate the diversity of our vibrant community. The movement-based yoga will always have options to suit your individual body on that day, but you do need to be able to get up and down off the floor unaided.

Priced on a sliding scale £10/£20/£30 and booking through About Balance,

Self Care Sunday


This free workshop will help you build a self-care tool kit by developing and exploring different grounding and affirming practices for your everyday life. In the workshop you we will think about care, rest and compassion for ourselves through

  • grounding breath practices

  • guided journaling and creative writing

  • gentle movement and restorative yoga

This workshop is open to people of all shapes, sizes and identities and does not require any previous experience or ability, as we try to develop and prioritise practices and rituals of self-care and rest in a world that pushes us towards speed and productivity.

Booking through About Balance, and delivered via Zoom.

Donations are welcome, and all proceeds will be passed on to charities supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and Black and Queer charities.


Yoga and Writing: Self-Care and Body Positivity


Lou is a yoga teacher, arts facilitator, and sexuality and body specialist. In this workshop you will use yoga practice and writing exercises to unpack the beliefs we all have about our bodies and selves. You will use these exercises as practices of self-care, to move towards a place of acceptance and compassion, and explore new ways of being in and making peace with your body.


On the day you will:


-Move through a body positive flow yoga practice, that invites you to explore the subtly and uniqueness of your own experience of your body.


·-Use writing prompts and exercises to punctuate our yoga practice, and engage in an exploration of your self-narrative around your body, and how you may begin to develop that relationship (no show and tell, no grades, no detentions).


·-Use a restorative and nidra yoga practice to sink back into our bodies and meditate over our relationship to self.


£23/ £18 member concessions

Space Yoga Studio, Brighton

This workshop is open to people of all shapes, sizes and identities, as we try to navigate the long and winding road towards self-acceptance and compassion. The workshop aims to be accessible and open to everyone – if you would like to attend but it is out of your price range, please contact me directly to discuss options for this.


a playful and provocative workshop series, which explores identity, modernity and creativity through life drawing and writing. these workshops get us enjoying using artistic mediums to think reflectively,  become mindful, and generally have a cosy and wholesome time.

bits & pieces is a chilled, informal space open to all creative abilities. so bring your pals, have a drink, try something new! anyone and everyone is welcome. these events run regularly in brighton, as well as special pop up events at festivals.


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